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Trailer Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

ITEM FUNCTION REQUIRED WEEKLY 3 Months / 3000 Miles 6 Months / 6000 Miles 12 Months / 12000 Miles
Brakes Test that they are operational AT EVERY USE
Brake Adjustment Adjust to proper operating clearance X
Brake Magnets Inspect for wear and current draw X
Brake Linings Inspect for wear or contamination X
Brake Controller Check for correct amperage and modulation X
Brake Cylinders Check for leaks and sticking X
Brake Lines Inspect for cracks, leaks, and kinks X
Trailer Brake Wiring Inspect wiring for bare spots and fraying X
Breakaway System Check battery charge and switch operation AT EVERY USE
Hub / Drum Inspect for abnormal wear or scoring X
Wheel Bearings and Caps Inspect for corrosion or wear.  Clean and repack X
Seals Inspect for leakage.  Replace if removed X
Springs Inspect for wear or loss of arch X
Suspension Parts Inspect for bending, loose fasteners, and wear X
Suspension wet bolts and equalizers Grease X
Extreme Duty Bushings Grease X
Hangers Inspect Welds X
Wheel Nuts and Bolts Tighten to specified torque values X
Wheels Inspect for cracks dents or distortion X
Tire Inflation Pressure Inflate tires to mfg's specifications X
Tire Condition Inspect for cuts, wear, bulging etc. X