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Pre-Trip Trailer Prep Checklist

Trailer Pre-Trip Checklist

There are a number of simple rules to follow in caring for you trailer, that can prolong the life of your trailer and your life as well.

Using a pre-trip inspection prior to towing is highly recommended not only to make sure your trailer is in proper working order, but also to ensure your safety you and everyone else on the road!

1.     Check your maintenance schedule, and be sure that you are up to date
2.     Check hitch.  Is it showing wear? Is it properly lubricated?
3.     Fasten Safety chains and breakaway switch actuater.  Make sure breakaway battery is charged.
4.     Inspect towing hookup for secure attachment
5.     Load your trailer so that approximately 10% of the trailers total weight is on the hitch.  For a light trailer, increase to 15%
6.     DO NOT OVERLOAD!!!  Stay within your Gross Vehicle Rated Capacity (consult your trailer's identification plate)
7.     Inflate tires according to manufacturer's specifications; inspect tires for cuts, ecessive wear, etc
8.     Check wheel mounting nuts/bolts with a torque wrench.  Torque in proper sequence, to the levels specified in your owner's manual.
9.     Make certain the brakes are synchronized and functioning properly.
10.     Check tightness of hanger bolts, shackle bolts, and U-Bolt nuts per torque values specified in manual.
11.     Check operation of all lights.
12.     Check that your trailer is towing in a level position and adjust hitch height if required